A default 20mph speed limit for Wales

On 17 September 2023, 20mph became the default speed limit on restricted roads in Wales. It used to be 30mph.
Restricted roads are usually located in residential and built-up areas where there are lots of people. They often have street lights on them, placed no more than 200 yards apart.

Not all road signage has been updated yet. So there are still some roads with 30mph signs which are actually 20mph. In addition, some roads are staying at 30mph, but not many! If in doubt, if there are streetlights, go with the default speed limit of 20mph. If you are driving to us please note that Mumbles Road remains at 30mph & 40mph (different sections, clearly signposted), apart from Mumbles Village itself where the default is 20mph.

A map showing all the roads that have been affected can be found here: Data Map Wales
To see the full map please select the Display in Map Viewer button.

This change was made by the Welsh Government to:

  • reduce the number of collisions and severe injuries from them (also reducing the impact on the NHS from treating the people who are injured).
  • encourage more people to walk and cycle in our communities.
  • help to improve our health and well-being.
  • make our streets safer.
  • safeguard the environment for future generations.

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