Challenge Valley

Muddy Assault Course


Challenge Valley – the Muddiest Assault Course in the World!

Challenge Valley Great For Groups

Fancy getting really, really muddy? Then Challenge Valley – The Muddiest Assault Course in the World is for you!

The course was one of the very first activities we launched when we opened back in 1989. It is an original!

In most sports, mud is a problem, but for Challenge Valley it’s essential! The obstacle course is set in and around the trees and natural springs in our ancient woodland. You have to climb over things, jump across things and… crawl through mud. It’s brilliant – everybody who tries it loves it.

It is a fantastic way to raise money for charity. Fundraising groups over the years have raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for worthwhile causes. 

Challenge Valley Pig Pen Water

In 2023 we upgraded many of the obstacles. We were very conscious that we didn’t want to change the heart of the course which has stayed the same for over 3 decades; it is achievable for most abilities and you get VERY muddy. It’s not a race and participants work as a team whether you are a family, stags, hens, celebrating a birthday or are a team-building group. No one gets left behind!

You don’t need to worry about what you look like because everyone else is as muddy as you! The course is suitable for ages 8 years and over. Check Group Prices

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Contact us today to check availability & prices. One piece of advice – don’t wear your brand new shiny white trainers!