Margam Country Park, located in the neighbouring county of Neath Port Talbot is a good option for a day trip from Clyne Farm. Take a walk through the historic Margam Abbey ruins, be sure to stop in the Cloisters where it is said that the spirits of the monks still roam!

For those young at heart stop at the playground with its life-size children’s fairy tale cottages to play in. Next walk to Margam Castle, a Victorian gothic mansion. If visiting in Autumn, be sure to look up at the many varieties of trees changing colour. After the castle there is a café with an outdoor seating area, perfect for a cup of tea or lunch.

Follow the path along to the adventure playground and lake, be sure to watch out for deer along your way. Carry on walking along the path which will take you to the Farm where you can see varieties of poultry, sheep, donkeys and pigs. Head back towards the entrance, taking the musical woodland trail, stopping along the way to have a go on each woodland instrument!