Activities - Horse Riding

The Clyne Farm Centre horses - are waiting to meet you!

We have a range of horses and ponies who are all continually trained and assessed for their suitability to all levels of riding experience, age groups and physical abilities. Our current horses and ponies are…


  • Height: 16hh
  • Colour: Bay
  • Date of Birth: 15th May
  • Mare/Gelding: Mare
  • Type/Breed: Cob 
  • Description: Ferne is one of our bigger horses, who is used for lessons and hacks. She is a great jumper and is a good horse to use for a lunge lesson if you need to work on your position.


  • Height: 15.1hh
  • Colour: Skewbald
  • Date of Birth: 20th May
  • Mare/Gelding: Gelding
  • Type/Breed: Gypsy Cob
  • Description: Bert is one of our customer's favourites. He enjoys having a fuss and his favourite treats are polos. Bert is used for lessons and hacks.


  • Height: 15.1hh
  • Colour: Piebald
  • Date of Birth: 6th June
  • Mare/Gelding: Gelding
  • Type/Breed: Gypsy Cob
  • Description:Warrior is a super sweet horse who enjoys having a fuss. He loves going out hacking, his favourite route is over the common. Warrior is happy to have any treats that are on offer.


  • Height: 15hh
  • Colour: Piebald
  • Date of Birth: 23rd May
  • Mare/Gelding: Gelding
  • Type/Breed: Gypsy Cob 
  • Description: Tonto is a brilliant horse that enjoys being a dressage pony in the school, he is also used for hacks and especially enjoys going over the common for a canter. Tonto loves polos and will search everyone’s pockets until he finds some.


  • Height: 13hh
  • Colour: Grey
  • Date of Birth: 14th September
  • Mare/Gelding: Gelding
  • Type/Breed: Pony
  • Description: Rocky loves to have a fuss and a groom. His favourite treat is polos and will try his best to find them in your pockets. Rocky enjoys going out on hacks and is also used for lessons.


  • Height: 13hh
  • Colour: Piebald
  • Date of Birth: 11th June
  • Mare/Gelding: Gelding
  • Type/Breed: Gypsy Cob
  • Description: Boyo is a fantastic all rounder, he loves jumping and can also do a great little dressage test. He also enjoys hacking out, especially on our woods hack. Boyo loves apples as a treat after he has been ridden.


  • Height: 12.2hh
  • Colour: Chestnut Roan
  • Date of Birth: 22nd September
  • Mare/Gelding: Mare
  • Type/Breed: Pony
  • Description: Cara is a lovely pony who enjoys going for led walks over the common. She is great for beginners who are just starting to learn how to trot in their lessons, as she has a very comfy trot. Cara’s favourite treats are carrots.


  • Height: 12.1hh
  • Colour: Bay
  • Date of Birth: 23rd November
  • Mare/Gelding: Mare
  • Type/Breed: Pony
  • Description: Rosie is a very popular pony with the children, she is used for led walks, lessons and hacks. She enjoys having a fuss and is always on the look out for treats off her riders.


  • Height: 11.2hh
  • Colour: Grey
  • Date of Birth: 14th May
  • Mare/Gelding: Gelding
  • Type/Breed: Welsh Mountain
  • Description: Harvey loves cuddles and is very popular with the younger children. He is happiest when he is being groomed and fed polos. Harvey is used for led walks and lessons.


  • Height: 10hh
  • Colour: Appaloosa
  • Date of Birth: 1st January
  • Mare/Gelding: Gelding
  • Type/Breed: Shetland
  • Description: Spot is the only Shetland pony at Clyne Farm Centre. He is always happy to be fussed and groomed. Spot enjoys taking little children out for led walks, either across the common or around the farm to see the other animals.