Clyne Gardens are just a short walk down the hill from Clyne Farm. The quickest route is down Westport Avenue, turn left into St Catwg Walk and the top gate is straight in front of you. Weave your way through the beautiful collection of varied plants, trees, and large green spaces.

The botanical gardens are well known for their spectacular varieties of Rhododendrons, Pieris and Enkianthus. There are many special features within the garden to find as you explore the generous space, for example; The Bog Garden, The Japanese Bridge, Small dogs graves, Joy Cottage, Italian Bridge, The Gazebo, and The Admirals Tower. The gardens are extremely well kept and are a joy to visit all year round for all ages and canine companions too.

The gardens at Clyne were established by Admiral Algernon Walker-Heneage-Vivian who owned Clyne from 1921 until his death in 1952. To find out how Clyne Gardens and Clyne Castle fit in with the history of our property The Keeper’s Cottage head over to our History page.