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Clyne Farm Centre Map

From the yard in front of the 400 year old farmhouse (2) there are spectacular views over Swansea Bay and Clyne Common. Adjoining the farmhouse is the stone-built former corn barn which serves as a dining room for visiting groups.

  1. Main Office
  2. Reception, shop, coffee shop
  3. First aid room
  4. Kitchen
  5. Dining Room
  6. Office (Private)
  7. Byron's Barn
  8. Wet store (Private)
  9. Female changing room
  10. Male changing room
  11. Dry store (private)
  12. Toilets
  13. Atcost Barn
  14. Horse Riding Stables
  15. Store (private)
  16. Horseshoe Cottage
  17. Chapel Barn
  18. The Old Schoolroom
  19. The Dairy
  20. Stables Cottage
  21. Hayloft
  22. Horses field
  23. Main animal paddock
  24. Challenge Valley
  25. Camping

Carparking - in front of building 15 and to the right of buildings 14 & 16.

There are a two more self-catering cottages a short 15 min drive (3 miles) from the main farm site; The Keeper’s Cottage and Barn Owl Lodge. Located deep within Clyne Valley Country Park these cottages sleep 8 each, but can also interconnect to sleep 16 people. The properties are accessed via a 1 mile long bumpy stone track through the woods.