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Horseshoe Awards

Shani and her favourite pony Melody

Once you've got the horse riding 'bug' you'll want to know just how you are doing.

Now, with the new Clyne Farm Centre Horseshoe Award you will be assessed by one of our instructors before starting on the road to success. At each stage there is a certificate to be gained and at the completion of each Horseshoe Award a real horseshoe- bronze, silver and gold for your collection.

We will be holding regular Horseshoe Award lessons, which are aimed at helping you to complete each stage of the Awards. 


Antonia and stables instructor Claire show off the coveted Bronze Award horseshoe and certificate
Antonia and stable instructor Claire with pony Sparky

Antonia Michael from Brynhyfryd gained her Bronze Horseshoe Award when she was just 9 years old. Antonia has been a regular rider at Clyne for the past three years.  By working hard and taking and lots of good advice from our staff she is weell on the way to the next award. Well Done!!


Bronze Award
Silver Award
Gold Award

Bronze Award

For each stage of the Bronze Award, you must attend at least 5 lessons (1/2 hour at least) over a period of 6 weeks.

Stage one

  • Demonstrate the correct way of approaching a horse in the field and in the stalls.

  • Know why it is important to approach a horse in a certain way.

  • Learn and demonstrate how to put on a head collar and use a quick release knot. Know why a quick release knot must be used.

  • Show the correct way to feed a horse from your hand.

  • Show the correct way to control a horse at walk.

 Stage Two

  • Learn and demonstrate how to groom a horse that is kept at grass and a stabled horse.

  • Identify the main tools used in grooming.

  • Demonstrate how to pick out a horses feet.

  • Identify a range of different colours and markings on a horse.

  • Show ability to walk without stirrups.

  • Be able to control a horse at rising trot in a lesson.













Stage Three

  • Learn and demonstrate how to tack up with assistance.

  • Demonstrate how to lead a horse both tacked and untacked.

  • Demonstrate how to mount and dismount correctly.

  • Learn and Demonstrate how to tie up a hay net.

  • Adopt a pony for half a day. 


Silver Award

For each stage of the Silver Award you must attend at least 6 lessons or hacks (1/2 hour at least) over a period of 8 weeks.

Stage One

  • Identify various breeds.

  • Identify the different parts of the saddle and bridle.

  • Demonstrate the correct way of cleaning tack.

  • Identify different types of bedding and their advantages and disadvantages.

  • Demonstrate 'Around the World' and 'Half Scissors'.

  • Show ability to walk and trot whilst out on a hack.

Stage Two

  • Show ability to check and alter stirrups and girth whilst mounted.

  • Shoe good road safety whilst out on a hack. (signaling and thanking other road users etc.)

  • Identify correct clothing for general purpose riding and also for different types of competitions.

  • Know the sequence of legs for all paces.

  • Identify a full grooming kit.

  • Show ability to walk, trot (rising) and canter whilst in a lesson.

Stage Three

  • Demonstrate how to muck out.

  • Demonstrate how to take different types of rug off and know the different uses of different rugs. 

  • Demonstrate advanced grooming e.g. quartering and strapping, and understand why it is done.

  • Understand different types of protective wear (boots)

  • Be able to walk, trot and canter on a hack.


Gold Award

For each stage of the Gold Award you must attend at least 10 lessons/hacks over a twelve week period.

Stage One

  • With a 'Tenners Card' you will be entitled to a free ride on completion.

  • Demonstrate all types of grooming.

  • Demonstrate how to pull a mane and tail.

  • Be able to turn a horse out for a show.

  • Demonstrate the jumping position.

  • Jump a small course of jumps.

Stage Two

  • Identify the points of the horse and conformation.

  • Show knowledge of minor ailments and diseases common to horses and ponies.

  •  Show how to check if tack fits properly.

  • Identify different types of saddles and bits and other saddlery.

  • Show knowledge and correct use of artificial aids.

  • Identify different horse clothing and show knowledge of their use.

  • Identify different types of jumps in both cross country and show jumping courses.

  • Ride a basis dressage test as set by an instructor.

Stage Three

  • Give a three minute talk on any horse related subject to at least three people, making use of leaflets, props etc.

  • Identify different types of feed, their uses and qualities.

  • Develop and ride a new dressage routine.

  • Demonstrate knowledge of health and safety guidelines in the workplace specifically related to a stable yard.

  • Adopt a horse/pony for a day and show competence to look after it as if it was your own.



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