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Where do ideas come from? Well, often by chance and it was a chance meeting with Ken Board - Professor of Entrepreneurship at Swansea University - which sowed the seeds of this competition idea on a walk through Clyne Gardens in 2002. 'Why was Swansea not interested in its continuing its literary heritage - is there no demand or desire to produce new writers?'  

The answer is that there is an overwhelming demand both in Swansea and around the world. Now, for the first time, there is an opportunity for writers, artists and actors to follow in the footsteps of the genius, the drunkard, the enigmatic Dylan Thomas who grew up and was influenced by the ..lovely, ugly.. town of Swansea. His poetry and prose reflected this love not only of the urban area but of the beauty of the Gower Peninsula and Mumbles. 

In this year of the 50th anniversary of the death of Dylan Thomas and a year before the ninetieth anniversary of his birth this competition seeks to recreate that passion. There are competitions for writers and artists which select a number of quotes to form the basis of a the subject. 

We held the premiere of a major new presentation of a celebration of the life of Dylan Thomas - A Beast, an Angel and a Madman in August 2003. In 2004 we will be holding Drama workshops will have the choice of either adapting a Dylan Thomas story or play or going a step further and bringing it up to date - place your own memories of childhood on the stage or bring Return Journey zooming into the 21st century. The title is only the start where you go is influenced by you, your imagination, the sight and smell of the countryside and towns around you. Each workshop will end with an open air performance overlooking the "...splendid-curved..." Swansea Bay

Dylan Thomas Drama

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