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The Difference between Bushcraft and Survival

To most people Survival and Bushcraft are one and the same. Perhaps this has been brought about by the way the outdoors have been presented in the media. There are, however, subtle and essential differences.


Some skills are essentially similar – making shelter and making fire for example and the ability to find food and water. The following table is modified from the article The Heart of Bushcraft by Dave Watson from IOL Horizons Spring 2009-04-05






Works with

Fights against

Use resources responsibly so there is some left for the future

Use whatever you can find to meet your immediate needs

Comfortable reliance on the resources available – either from the field or brought in

Adapt and make things do what you want them to do

Focuses on natural resources

Tends to rely on man made equipment where possible

Inspires awareness and creativity

Inevitably is destructive due to desperate situation

Encourages participants to live and cope with others

Draws out extremes of character

Is built on hope

It fights with fear

Ultimately sustainable

Ultimately non sustainable

A group or individual activity

Best tackled collectively but often energy used in unnecessary friction within the group


Our modern society loves placing things and people in boxes – everything is meant to be predictable! A period in the outdoors learning and adapting to the surroundings can produce far reaching effects and the ability to ‘see outside the box’ often to the common good of the group.


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